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Ministério dos Livros

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Poemas de Livros



Adventures with Books

Books are ships that sail the seas

To lands of snow or jungle trees.

And I’m the captain bold and free

Who will decide which place we’ll see.

Come, let us sail the magic ship.


Books are trains in many lands,

Crossing hills or desert sands.

And I’m the engineer who guides

The train on its exciting rides.

Come, let us ride the magic train.


Books are zoos that make a home

For birds and beasts not free to roam.

And I’m the keeper of the zoo,

I choose the things to show to you.

Come, let us visit in a zoo.


Books are gardens, fairies, elves,

Cowboys, and people like ourselves.

And I can find with one good look

Just what I want inside a book.

Come, let us read! For reading’s fun!

De Velda Blumhagen